Friends of Osprey

Protecting and growing the population of South Australia’s Ospreys

Protecting South Australia’s Ospreys

Friends of Osprey is a South Australian conservation group focused on protecting and growing the population of Osprey in South Australia.

These amazing fish-eating raptors are endangered in South Australia, with the population estimated to be under 50 pairs, many of which are now confined to offshore islands or to inaccessible rural locations. Ospreys in South Australia are considered to be distinct from the species’ main Australian distribution and appears to be at the fringe of the birds’ south eastern global breeding range.

Through the construction of elevated nesting platforms, community education and awareness raising activities and research through banding and GPS tracking, the Friends of Osprey aim to help these amazing birds fledge more young and grow the South Australian Osprey population to much more sustainable levels.

Saving Ospreys

Building platforms

Tracking Ospreys

Saving Ospreys in South Australia

Friends of Osprey was formally established in early 2022, bringing together a growing group of people who are passionate about the conservation of these birds. Our goal is to stabilise and grow the population of Osprey in South Australia by securing safer nesting sites which are more likely to successfully fledge young. We also aim to undertake research into the species, educate communities about this unique raptor, raise awareness of the species and engage more people in conservation activities.

Our initial geographical focus will be on growing the Osprey population across the Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula and Kangaroo Island, with the aim that a growing population will recolonise other parts of South Australia’s coastline, at which point support will be given to these birds.

Friends of Osprey

Run by passionate volunteers with the aim of protecting and growing the population of Osprey in South Australia

Donors & Supporters of Friends of Osprey

With thanks to our sponsors who are making significant financial contributions to help protect South Australia’s ospreys